Thursday 19 March 2015

"How to wear your hijab"

The BBC has been running a School Report today. RD at Biased BBC noticed one of the articles based on it:

Roland Deschain
Fashion advice from the Beeb.
I await “How to wear your burqa” with interest.

And that's not the only such BBC piece today. There's also a video report entitled School Report: How the hijab can be a fashion statement.

That piece was so much of a plug for the hijab (a Muslim headscarf, m'lud) that it outraged at least one BBC viewer - someone called Samira Ahmed.

If Ms Ahmed would like to complain to the BBC about it, I'd recommend that she gets in touch with NewsWatch.  She can either write to Newswatch, W1 NBH 03D, BBC Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA or send an email to


  1. Next week: "How Girls Can Wear Their Genital Mutilation With Pride"

  2. Should Ms. Ahmed take you up on your suggestion, I would dearly love to read the reply she gets,... eventually.

    But I do already have the sneakiest suspicion I know what it will say.

    Nice she may have at least made a few heads spin, not least given the position she is coming from.

    1. I'll be watching Newswatch tonight. It would be funny if she brought it up - and it would be a fair thing for her to bring up - but she's a genuine professional (one of my favourites), so I doubt she will.


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