Saturday 21 March 2015

Jon Donnison gets a mention on 'Newswatch'

If you recall, Jon Donnison's latest Twitter spat concerned an accusation that his reporting from Vanuatu was "pretentious (award-hunting) crap". 

Well, that wasn't the only criticism his Vanuatu coverage has received. This week's Newswatch showed a clip of a BBC News report in which JD picked up a Bible from a ruined school, showed it to the camera, then chucked it away. 

A viewer wrote to the BBC:
I was disgusted to see your reporter throw a copy of the Bible onto the ground. I'm an atheist, but find such contemptuous disregard for any religious work offensive. I'll bet you wouldn't have shown the report if the book he had abused was the Quran.
I'll bet he's right about that.


  1. Views his own? He does seem now to be untouchable.

    I see it was just read out and moved on from. No surly producer or prissy Mary Hockaday to at least pretend to give a rats before all quietly tucked away.

    I don't know why I stopped watching Newswatch when Ray Snoddy left. I had forgotten it was on catch-up so easy to do so.

    I actually thought Ray made a fair fist of what he was handed, and Samira seems to too.

    But there is again the sneaking suspicion that it is all being 'managed', from whose comments are chosen to feature to how they are illustrated to who is or is not asked to account. So much on the edit room floor still.

    And I can recall nothing ever coming of anything. I'm also prepared to bet that few even know where Newswatch could be located, much less trip over it.

    Jon Donnison's island adventure seems to have been a huge success for students of his unique form of BBC reporting.

    Maybe with a bit more profile he and his protectors will at least be kept occupied dodging legitimate criticism of just about every aspect of his abilities.

  2. Remember this the next time Donnison or any Beeboid says anything about the necessity of respect for religious beliefs.

  3. Why do the reporters get access to, and disrupt those who are aiding the afflicted, in areas that are under severe strain.

    Why did not the boat that carried JD carry also aid to the isle ? From what I remember he said, they certainly did not carry water.


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