Sunday 8 March 2015

I agree with Andy

Meanwhile, over in Tikrit in Iraq, ISIS are being pursued by the good guys - our allies, the Iranians. And the crucial difference is they hang homosexuals from cranes whereas ISIS throw them off buildings. 
         Andrew Marr, The Andrew Marr Show, 8/3/2015


  1. On a related note, I'm watching the Sunday Brillo, and Mark Urban is a f@#%ing idiot. He started off his moronic monologue about how ISIS isn't as bad as Al Qaeda (after Neil introduced the topic by saying they might be worse) by explaining that Al Qaeda were more dangerous to us because they were able to operate "outside their own space", whilst ISIS is dangerous mainly to "their own people". Al Qaeda never had their own space. That was the whole effing point of them. ISIS, on the other hand, have their own space because that was the whole effing point of them.

    Mark Urban is an effing idiot. Shame on Andrew Neil for not noticing the idiocy of his position, though.

    1. After Mishal H's novel moral equivalence outing, subsequently followed by a few others (Tim W for one), I have ceased to be surprised what BBC staff can come with from that neck of the woods in this regard.

      No real excuse on a 'would sir, madam and the wee ones like to be incinerated or beheaded' basis still, but I suspect... hope this is more a professional focus matter from being in a very small bubble for way too long, and the oxygen is running out.

      Whose flag is waved by which carnage-obsessed space-cadet where is maybe worth noting at some level (esp. tracing training and command structures), but I have some confidence the BBC (and, to be fair, too many in positions of political power who don't deserve it) will let me know who and what it is all nothing to do with.


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