Sunday 8 March 2015

Unspoken Question

Did anyone see TBQs? From Peckham? 
The biggest "Q" was to do with immigration and whether or not it’s of net benefit or net detriment to the UK. 
“While there’s economic inequality people are bound to want to come and take advantage of our prosperity, and also the UK would grind to a halt if it weren’t for immigrant workers” was the gist of the argument from the open doors advocates. 

While most of the points made, pro and con, were pretty obvious, the gigantic elephant is firmly squatting in the room. The nearest hint with which anyone from the ‘cons’ camp dares to acknowledge the existence of Nellie is to gingerly offer: “People are noticing their neighbourhoods changing” and “they feel like strangers in their own towns”. 

People are flummoxed by Polish groceries? Or foreign cuisine-themed eateries? I don’t think so. People are affected by the constant propaganda pumped out in particular by the BBC, whereby certain unfamiliar cultural practices are injected into every genre of programming. A hijab here, a bushy beard there, Halal, Eid,  Ramalama-ding-dong. Old MacDonald had a farm ee-eye ee-eye No!

The subject of Muslim immigration is not supposed to be articulated in specific terms. It would be racist. Being thought racist is the biggest crime - on a par with paedophilia and Zionism, and while no-one who has any kind of reputation or standing in politics or the media has the nerve to risk losing it by simply telling the truth the situation will continue to stagnate.
Did you see Philip Hammond saying that I.S. is tarnishing the name of the peaceful religion of Islam?

 Did you hear the panel on Sunday Politics saying that I.S. is on the doorstep of Europe? 
We’ll just have to wait till I.S. reaches the heart of this country before Nellie can pack her trunk and say goodbye to the circus.

P.S. I wonder what effect those graphics on TBQs are supposed to have on the viewer? Those quilted vertical panels in aggressively hideous, jarring colour combinations must have been designed with some psychological message in mind. 



  1. David Goodhart talks a lot of good sense.

    If he gets shouted down by the clapometer mentality displayed by the JCWI rep, well there's not much hope for us.

  2. If Nicky grew a beard, he would almost look Iranian !


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