Sunday 22 March 2015

Marcus Brigstocke, are you interested?

Here are some entirely-on-topic jokes for a sunny, Spring-time, English Sunday afternoon (slightly adapted from a certain website which always makes me laugh):
Following the BBC's advice, Jeremy Bowen tried using a colander to view the eclipse. He thinks he may have strained his eyes.
I saw Jon Donnison looking directly at the solar eclipse.
"Didn't you read any of the warnings?" I said, "You could go blind looking at the sun like that!"
"I'm not that stupid," he replied, squinting. "I'm looking at the moon." 
A terrorist attack has blown away two local houses - one made of straw and the other made of wood. The BBC reports that it's probably a lone wolf.
BBC Breaking News: The families of three British teenage girls thought to have run away to Syria have come together and pleaded with their daughters to come home. "We are losing child tax credits and family allowance," claimed the girls' fathers. 


  1. What an ace site!

    Many thanks for the "heads up".

    Hector Plasm

  2. I would just like to record my incredulity at the Radio 4 broadcast from a Shia Mosque today on the World This Weekend. The claim was that they were doing this find out "what people in North London" think about the election.
    Really? You're going to find that out in a Shia Mosque rather than down the local shopping centre?

    And then there was the bluff presence of a certain Labour MP - Sadiq Khan - there. Given his connections to the convicted Babar Ahmed and the location, you'd think he might have been asked about Islamic extremism. I may have missed it but there didn't seem to be representatives from other parties, such as the Lib Dems and UKIP. Why not?

    The questioning of the "worshippers" was pathetically bland.

    I used to respect Mark Mardell. I really think now he is one of the worst offenders on the BBC in terms of smoothing the path for Sharia.


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