Sunday 8 March 2015

At last!

This week's Sunday pursued some familiar paths...

...breaking news from the Muslim world (Islamic Slade and Procol Haram getting together to sing A More Gruesome Shade of Islam), a bit of fluff about fashion and Pope Francis, yet more stuff about Pope Francis from a pair of Pope Francis fans (liheral Catholic Ed Stourton's Sunday is nothing if not keen on Pope Francis), something about a left-leaning charity celebrating an anniversary, plus a non-partisan left-wing campaign against the current coalition government's legal aid reforms (one-sided in its guest selection, inevitably)....

...however, however...

There was something slightly out of the ordinary: a feature on a concern we've blogged about before: the understandable irritation of Sikhs and Hindus that they are being tarred by the tag 'Asian' when it comes to the predominantly Muslim paedophile grooming gangs infecting our cities. 

As the Sunday website puts it:
Sikh and Hindu organisations have signed an open letter claiming that sex-grooming gangs "predominantly originate from a Pakistani Muslim community, while their victims are almost always of a white, Hindu or Sikh background".
The Sunday website goes on: 
The comments have attracted criticism from Muslim leaders.
Well, blow me down with a feather! 

Sunday discussed the matter with that nice Lord Indarjit Singh from Thought for the Day and Bradford Imam and former Respect Party councillor, Alyas Karmani. Lord Singh said there's a problem. Alyas Karmani denied it. Ed gave Alyas a tougher ride (and rightly so).

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