Wednesday 18 March 2015

"Stable right wing coalition w no intl legitimacy"

Michael Shuval, "BBC News producer in Israel and the West Bank", tweeted the following last night:

That struck me as somewhat dubious, impartiality-wise. And others agreed:


  1. "Views mine. Retweets not endorsements" Totally in the clear then. Nothing stupid at all. Just hope he doesn't fail to produce a steak on demand, though. Could get ugly.

  2. Is Shuval another useful Jew for the BBC in Israel? Like we were talking about in the other thread, democracy means different things to different people. As usual with Beeboids, it means "getting what they want". When they don't get what they want, they don't think it's democracy, and is therefor illegitimate. This fool can't even imagine that anyone outside the group of Israelis he's demonizing wouldn't agree with him. A clear display of the kind of sick and twisted mentality which makes the allegedly impartial news decisions at the BBC.

    1. His Twitter feed is full of this sort of stuff. Impartial it ain't.

      I've never seen any of his reporting though, so whether it carries over (or not) the heavy bias of his twitterings can only be guessed. But I'm guessing 'yes'.


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