Monday, 11 April 2016

Where Martine Croxall leads BBC Trending follows...

And bang on cue, here's BBC Trending just a few minutes ago...

Mocking tweets based on Trevor Phillips's Channel 4 report abound.

BBC Trending gives us, among others, Baroness Warsi and...I kid you not!...Mo Ansar (yes that Mo Ansar). 

And 'for the sake of balance' the BBC article quotes one...yes one!...supportive tweet for Trevor Phillips...and guess who they quote?:

The phrase "BBC dog-whistle" springs to mind. 

And, just in case some people failed to hear the 'BBC dog-whistle' loudly enough, Tommy R's tweet is prefaced by this classic piece of 'impartial' reporting:
His [Trevor Phillips's] comments were seized on by, among others, the disgraced former leader of the far-right English Defence League.
Breathe in and just smell the heady scent of 'BBC impartiality'! It's overpowering at times, isn't it?


  1. That's almost a Complaints From Both Sides trick. I hope Nick Robinson isn't going to have to do another phony apology and documentary about how the BBC got it wrong. The Tiny Minority™ just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Narrative fail, BBC.

  2. The BBC Trending brand is just an excuse for the BBC to pursue its obsessions and fantasies (followers of Islam are as committed to democracy, feminism, gay rights and baking as anyone else) without even having to show a semblance of balance.