Monday, 11 April 2016

Covering (and not covering) 'What British Muslims Really Think'

It is telling that the BBC News website - unlike the websites of pretty much every UK newspaper and both ITV and Sky News - didn't have an article about What British Muslims Really Think until that BBC Trending piece came along. All it had (as far as I can see) was a short clip from this morning's Victoria Derbyshire programme. Even yesterday and today's 'The Papers' blogs didn't mention it. 

That said, Trevor Phillips was on Today this morning (beginning at 01:18:17 - i.e. quite early on, at around 7.18 am) and was given the chance to expand on his points by Sarah Montague. Thus (despite being a one-off, it seems, and neither The World at One or PM covering it), Radio 4 can say it didn't completely ignored the story.

And he was also on the Victoria Derbyshire show being interviewed by Joanna Gosling. The interview was rather short but he was again allowed to make his points. This time, however, he was followed by three young Muslims via video link. They got a good deal longer. all sounded aggrieved on behalf of their fellow Muslims and agreed that surveys like this are "dangerous". Not one of them found anything to like in what Mr Phillips had said.

If you spot him anywhere else on the BBC please let us know below.


  1. Evan Davis is doing everything in his power to plug the Remain case on Newsnight, starting with an absurd and insulting comparison of the case for UK sovereignty with the sovereignty of the Sealand WW2 sea plaform. Another Paddington Bear style intervention from him. Am loving his use of those tell tale phrases e.g. apparently "Not everyone" agrees with certain Remain propositions apparently. In other words there is a small stubborn minority who don't agree with Evan and the Remainers.

    The panel of ordinary "undecided" voters was also a sight to behold with 7 out of 8 enthusiastically raising their hands in support of the proposition that the economy was a more important issue than sovereignty in the Referendum. They might as well have placards hung round their necks saying "Please scare me - I am ready to vote Remain."

    1. Absolutely. The panel was, as you say, stacked & Davies trivialised the debate from the outset: Sealand, a British Bulldog and the BBC's favourite ex-convict economist to put the case for remaining. Hilarious, had it been less tragic.