Friday, 15 April 2016

BBC News at Ten - "bias by omission"

And talking of BBC One, News-watch has some interesting statistics on the channel's flagship News at Ten. 

Over the past month there have only been four feature-length  sequences specifically about the referendum (24/3, 30/3, 6/4 and 14/4). 

Of the other shorter items, five were about splits within the Conservative party (14/3, 15/3, 16/3, 18/3 and 19/3).

News-watch's summary of their findings so far are:
News-watch has found in its continuing research that bias by omission is recurring problem in BBC EU coverage because audiences are not kept properly informed.  This low level of coverage has thus emerged as an important issue. 
In addition the item by Gavin Hewitt [on yesterday's bulletin], combined with the main items noted above, suggests that difficulties of exit are tending to attract more coverage, and there is a continued significant focus on Conservative party splits.

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  1. But isn't the referendum the main reason for the Tory Splits!?