Friday 15 April 2016

The One and only (for many people)

The Spectator editorial this week reminds its readers why the press is much less powerful than the BBC:
The circulation of British newspapers has fallen by a third since the hacking scandal broke. The idea of an all-powerful press deciding which politicians to make and which to destroy is now impossible to reconcile with the sorry state of Fleet Street.The Independent has disappeared from the newsagents; others will follow. The Sun and the Daily Mail, Britain’s two most popular newspapers, are now bought by just 3 per cent of the adult population; just 6 per cent say they get their news from each title. The latest Ofcom report shows where the power now lies: some 48 per cent get their news from BBC1 alone. Even when it comes to the written word, the BBC is four times bigger than any newspaper, with 23 per cent saying they use its website and apps.
It also makes it clear that BBC One is by far the most powerful part of the BBC's mighty empire. That 48% of British people say they get their news "from BBC1 alone" is frankly disturbing.

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  1. But...but...but....Murdoch!! Waaaghhh!

    So sick of defenders of the indefensible pretending the BBC doesn't have influence.


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