Friday, 15 April 2016

Before we let you go...

Still with last night's Newsnight...

Naturally, 'while he had him there' (as the saying goes), Evan Davis decided to ask film-maker Peter Greenaway for his take on the EU referendum. 

Evan's obvious attempt to get him to make a 'film industry' case for the UK staying in the EU didn't go to plan though, as Mr Greenaway misunderstood what Evan was asking him and praised the glories of Dutch art instead!:
Evan Davis: Before we let you go, the big issue here. You live in Amsterdam. At the moment the big issue here is our relationship with Europe. I don't know if you get a vote actually. Have you been in Amsterdam too long?
Peter Greenaway: No, I still have a vote, which I have to say I don't really make great use of over here in Great Britain.
Evan Davis: And how are you feeling...
Peter Greenaway: I feel...I have for a long time. I live in Amsterdam...I feel like a good European. Is that a cliché?
Evan Davis: No.
Peter Greenaway: I'm happy with that, very happy with that. And I think it's very regretful (sic) that there are all these plans for Great Britain to leave the European Community.
Evan Davis:  And cultural links. I mean, is there a film industry thing that would say - you know, like the farmers and the fishermen have their own take. Is there?
Peter Greenaway: Well, I mean there certainly is a Dutch film industry and in its own circumstances it's followed and it's enthusiastic, and so on. I don't think we could say that Holland's really a film-making industry country. But they do have...I mean just think of the painters. You know...
Evan Davis: Visual imagery!
Peter Greenaway: ...huge amount. And it's so, you know...If you are fascinated by visual literacy, they can give us Bruegel and Bosch and Vermeer and Mondrian and Van Gogh. The list is endless. Three cheers for them.


  1. Wow - the things you learn on Newsnight. Next they'll be telling us they make cheese. :)

  2. I feel like a good European. Is that a cliché?

    Yes, it is. Bias fail from Evan Davis.