Sunday, 10 April 2016

Circles of acquaintances

Many people, however, are just unaware. Not long ago, I had an exchange with a leading newspaper columnist who airily assured me that he had many Muslim friends, and that they were integrating just as his Irish Catholic forebears did a couple of generations ago. He could not accept that his own circle of acquaintances — probably doctors, lawyers, journalists — might not be typical of the British Muslim experience.
Did Sally Hitchener and Iain Dale both miss that passage? 

Their anecdotal evidence that the Muslims they meet or talk to aren't like the Muslims described in that Channel 4 survey puts them firmly into the same category at Trevor Phillips's "leading newspaper columnist"...

...a camp Mr. Phillips describes as "Britain’s liberal white elite" and "Britain’s increasingly deracinated opinion-forming classes".

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  1. As indicated below I think the survey itself (the results of which are bad enough) are biased towards moderate Muslim opinion. Take two examples: 1. We know that about a quarter of Muslim women have very poor English language skills. Would they really respond to such a survey? Very unlikely in my view. 2. If you were a pro-Jihadi, Kaffir-hating, pro-stoning fanatical believer in Islam would you be more or less likely to engage with such a survey? Very much less likely I would suggest.