Friday, 15 April 2016

Ken Baker Criticises Government over Schools

Baron Baker of Dorking

Next up was a genuinely interesting interview with Kenneth Baker on schools. 

Here's how Evan Davis framed the discussion:
Now, you probably remember the reform of the English NHS back in 2012 - a reorganisation that got rather little scrutiny at first. Then there was disquiet, which then turned to large-scale discontent and then some redrawing of the plans. Well, are we heading down a similar path now with the reform of schools in England?
He then played clips from the Commons of Conservative MPs registering their "disquiet" at the decision to force all schools to become academies.

I'm guessing the reason Lord Baker was invited on because of the article he wrote in the Telegraph a couple of days ago, disagreeing with some of the government's education reforms. and Evan Davis was quite relentless in pointing out every point of disagreement he could find in what Lord Baker was saying to him. 

That was clearly the angle Newsnight was going for: Ken Baker Criticises Government over Schools.

Still, ignore that - and ignore Lord Baker's splendid hair - and you'll find that Kenneth Baker is full of fascinating ideas. (Maybe he should replace Nicky Morgan). 

It's a shame the interview didn't go on for quite a bit longer. 

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