Friday, 8 April 2016

Stomping ground

It only takes someone to complain about antisemitism for the antisemites to come out in droves. 
If you’ve ever watched a seagull stomping on the spot, you’ll get the idea. They do it to attract worms, and very effective it is too.

It’s understandable that someone who’s trying to get himself elected as London Mayor would bring up antisemitism when addressing a meeting at the Jewish community centre.
In front of such an audience expediency dictates that one distances oneself from the Labour Leadership and queries the sincerity of the Labour Party’s supposed opposition to ‘all forms of racism’ . 
But, hey, however much one Muslim needs to ingratiate oneself with ‘the Jewish vote’, it’s not credible to accuse the Labour party of turning a blind eye to the antisemitism within its ranks without mentioning the antisemitism within the Muslim community. 

Unfortunately Sadiq Khan is not alone. No-one has the guts to confront the issue with complete honesty.

One has to ask, how can the Labour Party ingratiate itself with the UK’s Muslim community, which vastly outnumbers UK’s Jews, whilst condemning the one and only core belief that unites the permanently warring intra-familial ‘nothing to do with Islam / don’t tar all Muslims with the same brush’ Muslim community. 

In other words, it wouldn’t be practical for a Labour party that is beholden to vast numbers of Muslim constituents, let alone a fair few Judeophobic Muslim MPs, to condemn antisemitism specifically and unequivocally without lumping it together with impassioned condemnations of Islamophobia.

“Thousands have now mocked a British Muslim leader's comments by using the satirical slogan "Mossad Stole My Shoe" - but the man behind the hashtag says it was intended to expose anti-Semitic attitudes in Muslim communities.”
If the shoe incident was intended to expose anti-semitic attitudes in Muslim communities, I wonder what anyone with the ability to read would take away from Asghar Bukhari’s moronic  and explicitly antisemitic Twitter feed. 

Even though BBC Trending is laughing at Asghar’s comical paranoia, this intellectual - as representative of “a UK pressure group which works to counter Islamophobia and Zionism” has appeared on our screens (on the BBC’s The Big Questions) as a spokesperson for the ‘Muslim community’ .

After the grand shoe heist he’s still “hopping mad”. Now he’s blaming Israel for vandalizing George Galloway’s bus. He can smell it.

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  1. Sadiq Khan's local mosque.

    Can we ask him to publically distance himself from it?