Sunday, 2 October 2016

Brexit means Brexit. What does Brexit mean? BREXIT!!!

Andrew Marr got himself a scoop this morning (though he didn't seem to immediately realise it) with Theresa May announcing on his show that Article 50 will be triggered before the end of next March. 

Mrs May herself put in an assured performance. She even made a point that hasn't been made often enough (and never made, as far as I can recall, by BBC presenters on programmes like Newsnight) - and it's a point that's highly relevant whenever embittered Remain voters complain (sometimes sarcastically) about parliamentary sovereignty being overruled by a plebiscite, thereby suggesting that (Remain-dominated) Parliament might be within its rights to overrule the result and block Brexit:
Parliament gave the decision to the British people. Parliament voted 6-1 to give the British people the choose as whether to stay in the EU or leave. The people voted. They want us to leave.
As I've just said, when Parliament voted for a referendum on staying in the European Union Parliament voted 6-1 to say to the British people this is your choice. We're going to ask you this question. You give us your voice. The British people have determined we will leave the European Union...
and she talked a very good talk on bringing about Brexit:
...and I think anybody who's looking at this Repeal Bill - which will repeal the European Communities Act, will make us that independent, sovereign nation once again, able to determine our own laws - anyone who's looking at that should remember that this is about delivering to the British people. And it's not just about leaving the EU; it's about that essential question of the trust that people can have in their politicians. The people have spoken. We will deliver on that. 
Her premiership, however, will depend on her successfully making that a reality (he says, sounding like a BBC journalist stating the bleeding obvious).

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