Sunday 16 October 2016

Top Trump

Of course (unlike ITV News or Sky) the top story on the BBC News website is (inevitably)...

...drum roll please...


  1. But amazingly for once it's not an obviously anti-Trump story.

    The other amazing thing about BBC (and ITV/Sky) coverage is that they continually give the impression that Trump's campaign has imploded and he's been wiped out in the polls whereas the latest Rasmussen poll gives him a 2 point lead and the latest LA Times poll has them tied. Hardly matches the narrative.

    1. Andrew Marr said of this story today:

      "This suggests to me as if he's going slightly, compl...doolally. Let's put it bluntly. He's now suggesting Hillary Clinton was on performance-enhancing drugs at the last debate..."

  2. R5 Pienaar's Politics started with Pienaar stating that "he hadn't intended to talk about Trump this week" but in view of Trumps latest statements he queued up his journalist guests, and Alex Salmond, to ridicule Trump. It was embarrassing radio and I switched off.

  3. Google 'positive BBC report about Trump' and nothing shows up. I believe the BBC were bias before Brexit and are now biased against Trump. Sorry BBC but you're missing the big picture here and are regurgitating trivia in place of the major issues. I seriously fear an American conflict with Russia if the current administration remain in power. It would be great if the BBC could report on this possibility for example, rather than unsubstantiated reports of groping or lewd comments.


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