Saturday 15 October 2016

Hardtalk about Brexit

Katty Kay's anti-Brexit aside there might remind viewers of Hardtalk of this recent exchange between a BBC presenter and the leader of the French National Front:
Marine le Pen: Now, if at the end of the negotiations, the European Union tell me 'no', I will tell the French people that there is no other option but to get out of the European Union, because the policies you want to see implemented... 
Stephen Sackur (interrupting): Forgive me for interrupting but why would the French people look across the Channel at Britain and want to follow Britain when we see that the British pound is now at historic lows against international currencies, we see huge uncertainty which is provoked by businesses in Japan and across the world saying they are now very concerned about staying in Britain and might well leave. Why, why, why would the French want to follow that model? 
Marine le Pen: Sorry, but don't you think it's time to stop all this propaganda? That's it. They voted. There's no need to tell us it's going to be catastrophic, that there's going to be a locust invasion, that Great Britain is going to be hit by a tsunami. Great Britain has never had it so good in economic terms. Householders' confidence has never been so high, exports have never been so strong. So, all the debate's over if and whether companies will leave. No, they don't leave because it's in their interests to stay in Britain because the British economy is doing better today than it was doing yesterday and it's doing much better than the economy of all the other EU countries together.

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  1. The least we can expect of BBC interviewers is that they disguise their bias! Would it have cost him much to preface his nonsense with "Some people say" or even better "The Guardian has said..."


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