Sunday 9 October 2016

Mark Mardell, Mrs May and the charismatic clowns

Mark Mardell's latest blog post bears the headline Theresa May and the charismatic clowns

The "charismatic clowns" turn out to be "Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and of course Donald Trump" - frank, offensive, authentic men who "galumph through minefields" with a "casual disregard for the impact of words". 

In contrast, Mrs May is like Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel are women "who weigh the balance, check their language and try not to talk about themselves".

I don't think it's hard to work out where Mark Mardell's sympathies lie.

Given that a "chain of explosions" has "completely altered the landscape" now, Mark asks, "Has the mood charged towards the casual disregard for the impact of words" of the charismatic clowns? Or are Mrs May, Mrs Clinton and Mrs Merkel "striving against the mood of the times"?


  1. Hillary Clinton tries not to talk about herself? She checks her language? What was that whole "deplorables" fiasco about, then? What about all the walking back she's had to on her email lies? Is Mardell insane, or does he just naturally start lying when it's time to defend the side?

  2. I have fond memories of the days when Mardell used to dress up as Billy Bunter to deliver his political analysis on the Andrew Neil This Week show. His clowning was quite charismatic back then. Now, he seems to have metamorphosed into a one man bias machine offering his opinions with all the delicacy of a Dalek screaming "Ex-term-i-nate"!


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