Sunday 30 October 2016

"Qashqai or cash cow?"

Lots of people across social media have been echoing the following point made by David Vance a couple of days ago:
Yesterday was a day of positive economic news for the UK economy. Clearly this does not suit the BBC narrative of post-Brexit vote doom and gloom. So we have the perfunctory acknowledgement that the Government has done well to keep Nissan manufacturing in Sunderland and then …the immediate conspiracy theories as to what “deal” has been given to the Japanese car manufacturer. Behaving like an echo-chamber of an enraged Labour Party, the BBC has been postulating what “sweetheart” deal May may have offered Nissan. Is this the same BBC that damned the Government for NOT offering Port Talbot a sweetheart “deal”? 
Andrew Marr's introduction this morning pursued a similar course:
Nissan's decision to reinvest in Britain is the single biggest piece of good news since the Brexit vote. But what is behind this decision? Nobody will tell us. It it political reassurance or private deal? Optimism about tariffs or taxpayers' money? Qashqai or cash cow? Well, the man who did the deal, Business Secretary Greg Clark is with me this morning. Can he, will he, shed light on this absolutely crucial question?
Mr Clark did indeed shed light on "this absolutely crucial question". Lots of light. "There’s a lot more meat here than I was expecting", said a surprised Mr Marr.

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