Saturday 29 October 2016

Hugh Sykes on 'Regrexit'

We've not had a tweet from BBC tweeter Hugh Sykes for a while. Here's one of his latest (so good he sent it twice):

He tweets elsewhere, "But I know many people who now believe they were lied to by #Leave much more than by #Remain, & want to reconsider". (Wishful thinking on Hugh's part there most likely.)


  1. We were in a car being driven at accelerating speed towards the cliff edge. We slammed on the brakes and stopped the car. Now we want to drive away from the cliff but Sykes and co. want to throw us to the back and start driving like maniacs towars the cliff edge again on the basis that the increasing speed is indicative of a healthy motor and we shouldn't worry about where we're heading.

  2. In other words, Sykes admits he lives in an echo chamber.

  3. More than a million more people voted for Leave than voted Remain. With one of our highest voting turnouts for decades, those who quote the percentage split are trying to make it look closer than it was.

    Many of the economic "experts" have revised their forecasts for the better, which begs he question who the clowns were who didn't get scrutinised properly by the BBC.

    The biggest danger is probably our own rabidly pro EU establishment, global citizens who want to redistribute all wealth and won't be happy until the west is punished for its perceived crimes.

  4. It's been more than four months since the EU Referendum, and yet the BBC correspondents and news editors are still pounding out the same old drumbeat. It's time they moved on to a different tune, one in keeping with the democratic decision of the majority of the UK. On the radio news this morning (Sunday) the first headline item was about the Canadian trade deal with the EU, now no longer held up by those pesky Belgians. It seems that the Walloons have been given 'assurances' - a good outcome so far as the BBC news was concerned. 'It has taken seven years to reach the conclusion' was the slightly threatening message from the BBC.

    Do these EU 'unspecified assurances' because they have been arrived at in a grown-up way (much like any dispute within the Labour Party of the '90s) count for more than the 'unspecified assurances' given to Nissan by the UK Government? - an 'Ah, but...' was the resounding response to this announcement from within the BBC. This was not the same proper grown-up debate as the EU would have - no, it was portrayed as altogether seedy and under-the-counter.

    Hugh Sykes has demonstrated just how out of touch he is with the majority of the UK electorate. He is claiming to be intellectually superior, and seems to wish for himself some sort of heroic accolade when he saves the day. He needs think again and then to run to catch up with his wider audience - you remember, they're the ones that pay for the BBC.

  5. Oh by the way High I've noticed that there seems to be more people willing to publicly question the BBC and the establishment on everything since the vote.

    Sites like this one are getting ever more popular and when the BBC does let people comment it tends to go the way you don't like, it's even been happening on Question Time! That bastion of "progressive" politics.

  6. The figures speak for themselves. Nothing the bbc preached about brexit dom have happened. The only negatives appear to be because of people trying to sabotage the process because there not happy and are in a position to thrown the proverbial spanner in the works. Predictable to be honest. The bbc is singing from there own bias little hymn sheet and dont show signs of slowing down until there wheels fall off.


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