Sunday 16 October 2016

Retirement bodes well for Helen

According to the Daily Mail, the future of outgoing, Harvard-bound BBC Director of Radio Helen Boaden looks very rosy indeed, financially-speaking, thanks to her BBC pension:
Helen Boaden, 60, the director of radio who is due to retire soon, will get a pot of £2.8m, worth £840,000 more than she would have done three years ago.


  1. That buys many hugs, from those in her DNA or otherwise.

    1. Impartiality in her genes; £2.8 million in her jeans.

    2. Hope retirement sees her get her patchy memory back.

      I wonder who gets that infamous email to nowhere she bragged about as head of complaints.

      In fact, who has that role now? Or has it been memory holed too?

  2. All Empires work on connivance, collaboration and corruption.

    The Globalist Empire that has been put together over the last 20-30 years works on these principles and those who do its bidding can expect to be richly rewarded. Those who resist face: ridicule, reputation destruction, loss of career, poverty, violence and legal sanction. I guess it's no different from any other Empire, including our own which mercilessly persecuted those who resisted its power.

  3. The worst part about all this is that even the most non-obsequious ex-Beeboids (e.g. Roger Mosey or Rod Liddle) will be in despair that the BBC has lost another steady, experienced, guiding hand of journalistic integrity.


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