Sunday 30 October 2016

A question and some speculation

Over at The Conservative Woman, David Keighley asks a telling question:

Given how many programmes have been genuinely negative about Brexit and have explored Brexit from the perspective of potential harmful outcomes since June 23, the nation is unquestionably owed at least one such programme in the very near future, surely? 

David (who has the ear of a number of parliamentarians) adds the following, which I found particularly intriguing:

Are those parliamentarians correct in their speculation that there's "a group within BBC senior management" who "have decided that they seen their job as actively campaigning to thwart Brexit"? 

If Radio 4 and its exceptionally anti-Brexit-biased Brexit Collection are anything to go by (and that's just one example), it's very tempting to believe it.


  1. On the evidence only of the BBC's output there must have been an agreement within the BBC management to go all out anti-Brexit.

    The bias is pervasive across all platforms, in news, current affairs, drama, sport even and it is continuous, every day. I even wonder now if I have a basis to refuse to pay my license fee because the BBC is so clearly a political campaigning organisation.

    Of course formal Brexit hasn't even begun yet!

  2. Tempting to believe it? I'm absolutely convinced that the BBC are attempting to thwart Brexit.

  3. Definitely I've watched their usual antics for years but this is a pre planned and cordinated attempt.

  4. Yes, the BBC is now completely out of control. The only consolation is that the British public refused to be 'guided' by the Corporation in both the General Election and the EU Referendum. This, I think, accounts for all of the teddies currently hurtling out of the BBC pram. The worrying thing, though, is the harm they do when their propaganda is believed abroad. My French in - laws are firmly convinced that the entire population of the UK now regrets the Brexit decision - and why? - biased BBC reporting.

  5. Sorry, key sentence missing: It is clearly preferable for Juncker & Co. to believe that the British public remains staunchly in favour of Brexit - something which I believe to be the case.


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