Sunday 16 October 2016

Attempting to play up

A comment at Biased BBC this evening:

I’ve been listening to the BBC R4 news bulletins occasionally today, and each time they have mentioned the Johnson pro-EU essay ‘story’ they have said “Boris is trying to play down”. Talk about a loaded statement. “Trying to play down” is what guilty people do. The message they are trying to convey is quite obvious.

You can hear an example of that ("Boris Johnson has attempted to play down...") on tonight's Radio 4 Six O'Clock News (at 05:48).


  1. Boris has more integrity in his little finger than the whole of the BBC staff.

  2. This seems to be another where the BBC has left in some bits and omitted others in their mission to allow the viewer or listener to fully grasp what the BBC thinks they are meant to and not what actually happened, often referred to as 'truthiness' if challenged or, more recently, what the quotee 'might have meant'.

    It is many things, but trustworthy it is not.


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