Tuesday 18 October 2016

Too white and middle-class?

The Daily Telegraph has also been reading the new Radio Times

They've picked up on Martin Hughes-Games saying that he's been giving the push from next year's Springwatch because the present trio of presenters "are all white and middle-class" and that the BBC wants "a more diverse team". 

Martin (being as nice as ever) says he also sees the need for that too.

The BBC, however, (a) denies having having said anything about diversity ("This is not a decision about diversity and was never described as such") and (b) says that Martin's final fate actually hasn't been decided yet and that he's "a valued member of the ‘Watches’ team".

It's odd that Martin believes it did have something to do with the present team being "all white and middle-class", but that the BBC is so emphatic in denying that. (It does sound 'very BBC' though, doesn't it?)

Someone clearly has the wrong end of the prickly stick insect (Acanthoxyla geisovii) - a New Zealand species of stick insect that, along with two others, has now established itself in the south west of England (as the UK has no native stick insects).

Well, we'll have to see who's right, next Spring.


  1. He should be thankful that he's not finding out about being given the push by receiving a call from his agent telling him they're moving him on to 'other projects'.

    As for BBC's need to have the on-air talent reflect the diversity of its audience, how diverse, exactly, is the audience of Springwatch?

  2. Well, we'll have to see who's right, next Spring.

    I don't think we'll have to wait that long, it clearly looks like it's going to be Gillian Burke.

    I therefore suspect that the BBC lied and the sacking very much IS about diversity.


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