Friday 7 October 2016

The Climate speaks

Roger Harrabin

Many believe that the BBC's environment analyst Roger Harriban acts as a mouthpiece for green activists. They surely underestimate him though. He actually speaks for The Climate itself, as his 6.13 discussion with Sarah Montague this morning proved

Talking about the speedy ratification of the Paris agreement to keep global temperatures under 2% and an aviation deal to cut emissions, he concluded:
It's kind of two cheers all the way round really from The Climate's point of view. 
I suspect he meant his own point of view.

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  1. It's a lie to say the agreement was "to keep global temperatures" doing anything. It's physically impossible for governments to control the effing climate like this. They may believe actions or inaction can mitigate a temperature rise, but it's false to say they "keep" temperatures from doing anything. Fantasy, propaganda. Scum.

    I did like Harrabin's Freudian slip about "President" Trump.


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