Sunday 16 October 2016

"Who will care for the children of Calais?"

Mohammed and Ed Thomas

The BBC is showing a report from Calais tonight by Ed Thomas. Though we see scenes of migrant 'children' (many of whom look like young men - though Ed was clearly taking their declared ages on trust) rioting and battling police, Ed is emoting about how "alone" they are, and wondering "who will care for the children of Calais?" 

The social media reaction hasn't been very positive:
BBC "reporting" from the Calais Jungle on Sunday. Or was I watching an outtake from Drop the Dead Donkey?
@BBCNews report from Calais Jungle shows why we should never listen to BBC journalists. They believe any old tosh and never ask for proof.
6pm @BBCnews TWO journos in #Calais (one for a WEEK) desperate for more #humanrights angles on 'children' who are 16/17 years old! #BBCbias
The problem is with reports from @EdThomas76 and similar is that they don't ask any probing questions. #bbcnews #propaganda
those 'boys'  paid a lot of money to reach France. If they have family in the U.K. why don't their family visit/verify them? #bbcnews
@BBCNews @EdThomas76 How long did u have to rehearse that libleft biased garbage in Calais?? You were an embarrassment #Calais
I am sick to death of this bleeding heart onslaught from @BBCNews in Calais @EdThomas76 parroting 'children children' every sentence guff
@edthomas76: "Mohammed, 16, looking for a way out [of Calais]." Yes, by turning south. France is a huge country 
@EdThomas76 Still doing the dramatic pauses on news stories . Why? @BBCNews Annoying. It's not cinema. Talk normally 


  1. Oh dear...looks like the globalise-U no borders is meeting resistance. Like a WW1 General what is the BBC's response when their troops are slaughtered in the field? - well what else but "send in more bias".

    The BBC is incapable of reforming itself. It has to be taken apart and rebuilt. Number one: all licence fee payers to elect the management board, just as members elect a building society board.

    1. Good idea. Absolutely essential to impose accountability to those who pay for it onto the BBC.

  2. Dimbles! Bring back Victoria and Lily say I!

  3. When my uncle, early in the 20th Century, needed to replace the horse he needed for his coal delivery round, he always examined the teeth of those available. He told me it was the best way of determining age and condition.

    1. Ah, but horses aren't/weren't protected by human rights.


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