Saturday 15 October 2016

Social media and the BBC (again)

Danny Carpenter

Guido Fawkes had an 'exclusive' this week (as you'll doubtless already know).

According to Guido, Danny Carpenter - a reporter from the BBC's Look North - shared an anti-government Facebook post by Caroline Lucas and added the following highly partisan comment himself, in complete contravention of the BBC's editorial guidelines:

I don't understand Facebook so I wondered whether that was actually was him writing that rant or whether the ranter was  actually the Labour activist Bernard Keavy mentioned at the end there, but everyone seemed dead sure it was Danny Carpenter himself who wrote that rant and, as I say, I don't understand Facebook. 

Plus his Facebook page has apparently been deleted and his Twitter feed (which I do understand!) has definitely been deleted, suggesting a quick, embarrassed exit from social media (pursued by the head of the BBC newsroom?)

That Twitter feed of his (Eye of York) wasn't like that Facebook comment at all. His tweets were very 'local BBC TV'. The nearest they came to being controversial is this one (suggesting where he stands on Boris and therefore, possibly, Brexit), which I screengrabbed before his feed vanished:

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