Saturday 8 October 2016

Many a slip...

Mishal Husain might have endeared herself to a few people today (especially elderly judges) by clearly not knowing how to pronounce Kim Kardashian's surname.

She kept on pronouncing it so that the "-ashian" part of her name sounded like "Asian" (as in headlines like "an Asian gang from Keighley was found guilty today..."): Kim KardAsian.

And talking of people with Asian-sounding names, both the BBC One News at Six and News at Ten yesterday misspelt the surname of UKIP leadership contender Raheem Kassam (of Breitbart London fame):

And talking of UKIP, Newsnight promoted their (roaring) roving reporter John Sweeney the other night:

Will I now be struck by Muphry's law


  1. Yes I must say I heard Mishal saying ‘KardAsian’ several times and I thought it was plain weird. Even though one speaker subsequently pronounced it correctly, she didn’t give any sign that she suspected she’d got it wrong.

    Incidentally, fewer people are ‘Westernising’ her name these days, (calling her Michelle) so maybe she’s been correcting them. (therefore herself struck / stricken with Mufry’s law.)

    There’s more than meets the eye behind young Raheem. Funny that the press aren’t onto it. Yet.

  2. "Mishal, ma belle,
    When will you admit that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are hell?"

    Doesn't scan but it does pose a pertinent question given her evident enthusiasm to do down the USA at every turn.


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