Saturday 15 October 2016

Katty Kay on Ben Carson and Brexit

Katty Kay, the lead anchor of BBC World News America, is not happy with former Republican presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson. During one of her regular appearances as a panellist on MSNBC's Morning Joe, Dr Carson called for her mic to be cut off after she kept on talking over him. The BBC News website has a video article about it:

Katty Kay has also used her personal bully pulpit on the BBC News website to give her side of the story and denounce Dr Carson. She describes his call for her mic to be cut of as  "almost Soviet" and "a ridiculous demand for censorship" and pretty much accuses him of misogynistic bullying:.
Replaying the tape I see it also looks rather bullying. In a conversation about sexual harassment a man asks a woman to be silenced for asking a question he doesn't want to answer. He may not have meant to, but Dr Carson gave a perfect, real-time example of exactly the kind of overbearing, condescending attitude a lot of women experience all too often and that the whole Donald Trump scandal has raised as a conversation here.
So the BBC is giving her side of the story free reign and casting Dr Carson in the worst possible light. (Isn't there something "almost Soviet" about that?)

If you watch the full interview, rather than the short and carefully-chosen clip on the BBC website....'ll also catch Katty 'doing an Evan Davis' and slipping in an anti-Brexit opinion before changing the subject. Here's her first intervention (beginning at 3:31):
Katty Kay here. You just said "Throw the economists out!" That really smacks of something that happened during the Brexit campaign in the UK when one of the Leave campaigners said....It's kind of the anti-elite idea that we don't want experts telling us about the economy. Since Brexit, of course, sterling has tanked and it's been a problem for the British economy since. Perhaps having experts telling us about the economy is not such a bad thing after all! Let's...I want to push you on these allegations of sexual abuse..." 
(The end of that quote, incidentally, is where the BBC's video extract begins.) 

She may have been moonlighting on MSNBC but that's pure 'BBC', isn't it?

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  1. I don't know why Katty Kay is allowed to bully Christian Fraser. If it were a male presenter constantly belittling a woman it would be stopped


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