Saturday 8 October 2016


There was an absolutely classic Dateline London today, with a panel drawn entirely from the political left-of-centre. 

And the first topic? Brexit and the Tories (with not a single pro-Brexit or pro-Tory guest to be found). 

Steve Richards, though praising Mrs May's political skills, said putting Brexit into practise is going to be "a nightmare".

Marc Roche said that Tory ministers "are xenophobic" and talked of a "climate of racism" and "a nasty country" run by "the nasty party".

Eunice Goes talked of "a really nasty atmosphere" being created by "the nasty party" and said that it's "not natural" to be worried about immigration [the one point where Gavin Esler felt the need to demur slightly]. She also said that we are going back to the Europe of the 1930s. [No one mentioned Labour Party antisemitism and political violence at this - or any - point].

Jef McAllister also praised Mrs May's political acumen but said that Brexit is "a mess" and that the government has "no idea" and that "Britain really does need Europe much more than Europe needs Britain" [to vigorous nodding from Steve and Marc]. He then praised open migration before adding, "This pains me".

And Gavin Esler just raised negative point after negative point (about Brexit) with them, thus feeding them yet further.

The second topic was the new UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres - a Portuguese socialist. 

The Portuguese socialist on the panel, Eunice Goes, said he'd make a "tremendous" secretary general and would put the UN "centre stage" again. The others thought the US election mattered more. Jef McAllister said he hopes Hillary Clinton will win and stop Trump-like "retreats" from international institutions. Marc Roche said that the US needs to use military force in Syria and Europe needs to strengthen its resolve against Putin. Steve Richards said Mr Guterres "sounds great" and hoped he'll find a way through the present "nightmarish situation". 

Then it was onto "Trump", and...well, you can easily imagine that discussion for yourselves! (You won't be far wrong).


  1. I saw that "Dateline" for once; I usually miss it.
    As you say, the discussion about Trump was predictable. After expressing their disgust as his appalling misogyny and lewdness, they all agreed that those who loathe Trump will still loathe him, and those that like him will still like him. Oddly I don’t think any of them of them explained why, ‘like him or loathe him’, some people would vote for ‘anyone but Hillary’.

  2. Equating the Muslim situation in Europe today with that of Jews in Europe during the '30s is straight-up anti-Semitism. No Jews were committing mass murder or gang rape or all the rest of it.

  3. Our enemies, the enemies of our blood and of our European identity and culture (Russia as mainly Christian Caucasian is also part of Europe, so Russia better wake up and start getting involved as well) are as following, in this priority:

    1. The big international financial owners of the BBC, NBC, Hollywood and Western Academia (mostly rich Jews, the Rockefeller Foundation is financing i.e. Harvard through so-called non-profit money, "research sums", the mess and misery goes all across the top)
    2. The politicians of the center-left and of the right those who would sustain the ideologies of the second half of the XX century, when all this anti-European mess has started), and everyone else with progressive ideologies and ideas, many people with immigrant background can be found here
    3. The people without political orientation but who would defend the status quo of the "diverse" corrupt systems all over the world, being they bodyguards or police units (Western Armies would also better wake up and get involved in the fight against these demons)
    4. The foreign elements themselves, the big masses of foreigners who are living where they should not

    The solution is total war against these cultural microbes, with the harshest measures taken against the highest priority targets (1 and 2).

    David Preiser, see priority number 1: if the big money Jews in the West would actually fight against the decadent progressive wave, things would change, as they have a strong word to dictate the institutions they finance and lead. I'd like to be like this and to be able to say that the Western Jews are pro-European. Unfortunately statistical data shows the contrary, that they are acting as the leading force in this anti-European campaign.

    1. Jews don't own the BBC. It isn't remotely factual to say that anyone owns the BBC. You discredit yourself from the start. Now, please demonstrate statistical data that Jews are "acting as the leading force" in anything anti-Europe.

      You won't, of course.

  4. They say the "flash crash" in the value of Sterling on Asian markets was caused by robots that can read business articles...perhaps the same robots generate the opinions expressed on Dateline.

    1. And Marr croaked over it this (Sunday) morning. No mention that it mostly corrected itself within hours.


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