Saturday 22 October 2016

On Gary Lineker

The Daily Mail's editorial this morning was guaranteed to get many a BBC-paid MOTD presenter snorting into his crisp bag:
Equally anxious to silence debate, the BBC has pixelated film of the migrants, while only belatedly acknowledging the dispute about their ages. 
The Corporation even rallied to Gary Lineker's defence after he branded as 'hideously racist' anyone who questioned the migrant's claims. Nor has he been disciplined for peddling the falsehood that one of the 'children' - who by any yardstick looks to be in his 30s - was an interpreter working for the Home Office.
How can we have a proper debate, or reach informed judgements, when our state broadcaster conspires with the Left to suppress and distort the facts?
The BBC's current head of comedy, the hilarious Chris Sussman, was one of those accused (by the Sun rather than the Mail) of rallying to Gary Lineker's defence:

Of course, compassionate Chris might well be accused of missing the point there. It wasn't his 'compassion' but the "hideously racist" bit that really got people's goats - and his (incorrect) wishful-thinking over the 'interpreter'....a wrong claim that, amusingly, the 'green arrow riggers' in the Daily Mail's comment section swiftly made 'top rated comments' before having their bubble completely burst by lower-rated but genuine commenters.

Of course, our Gary (like Chris Packham) is officially freelance so, apparently, not obliged to be remotely impartial whenever he tweets. Chris Sussman, however, is officially BBC, so what's his excuse?

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