Sunday 30 October 2016


The BBC might not report Lewisham Islamic centre’s response to the recent judgment against Shakeel Begg, but not to worry, it’s been cross posted at Harry’s Place.  (Do read the comments before they're deleted automatically  at the end of a week(?) )
Behind all the legalese waffle there is a message. Essentially, they're telling us that the revered Imam is not an extremist. He’s not even a very naughty boy, but a beloved pillar, and represents what-we-call Normative Islam.
So there.


Oh yes, and did you hear the one about the repulsive scene at UCL? Possibly not. The BBC might not have heard about it - probably because of the cuts - so it’s up to well funded news outlets like the Telegraph and Sussex Friends of Israel to bring it to you instead. 


You might have seen the report (not necessarily on the BBC) about an animal loving Palestinian Solidarity Campaigner who’s been fighting racism all his life who went to meet President Assad of Syria. The trip was funded by an organisation called the “Palestinian return centre” that campaigns for the UK government to ‘apologise for Balfour’.

Oh well, it was in 2009, such a long time ago; and how was Jeremy to know that President Assad would turn out to be so unpleasant? I’m sure his travelling companion Baroness Tonge, for one, only sees the good in people.

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