Saturday 15 October 2016


Samira Ahmed's Newswatch (by far the best of the BBC's semi-independent watchdog programmes) gave voice this week to an opinion (from viewer Brian Bailey) that, I suspect, many would agree with - and it certainly captured my feelings about the BBC's reporting of the story: 
The story the BBC broke, which disclosed negotiations between Unilever and Tesco, caused a significant drop in shares of both companies, and panic buying of goods in certain stores. Who benefited from this news? Answer: no one! This is irresponsible journalism, and all part of the BBC's anti-Brexit rhetoric. 

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  1. I find it difficult to get excited over this one, because REAL Marmite is no longer made - the old stuff was thick, so sharp that it stung the hard pallet and lasted for weeks. Unilever is stinging the consumer by passing off today's insipid, sloppy slurry as the real thing! The new stuff, of course, contains more water & doesn't last as long, so it is cheaper to make & has to be replaced twice as often. (Google 'The Great Marmite Conspiracy 2015,' in,of all places, The Guardian! )
    Has the BBC given as much coverage to Tesco ' s victory over Unilever, by the way...?


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