Friday 7 October 2016

Some trivial responses to some serious matters

So much to cover, so little time. Theresa May. What did you think? Being inherently suspicious I wondered if her new New Labour approach was a cynical and cold-blooded attempt to poach disillusioned New Labour voters. It would be an understandable strategic manoeuvre before the next general election.
The next thing I thought was that she had a really good hairdo. 
I rather like the choice of that unfussy dress for the occasion.The press described it as ‘bergundy’ or ‘magenta’. Without Pantone that colour has no definitive description.   Have you noticed that Theresa has started walking with a Thatcheresque gait - slightly stooped, with her head leading the way. 


All that frantic waving that people have started doing. I’m thinking of Diane James. That waving - she waved both her arms so vigorously that she nearly toppled over - was the undoing of Diane James. No question.


UKIP next.
Why did the BBC dump Ruth Lea and put Neil Hamilton on the QT panel? Was it unadulterated mischief-making? They knew Christine’s hubby has it in for Stephen Woolfe who seems to epitomise ‘architect of one’s own destruction’.
In the event, Neil Hamilton was disappointingly uncontroversial, his reptilian demeanour being the most notable part of his performance. 


The Labour Party reshuffle.
OMG is all one could say. Making Diane Abbott Home Secretary is a deeply weird concept, which the nation will need some time to get its head round. Just the thought of it leaves one reeling with incredulity.

Shami Chakrabarti we already knew about, but we must wait and see how that pans out. Suspend your disbelief. The unbelievable is happening before your vey eyes.

Sarah Champion? Really?  Yep.


I did watch Question Time from Neath, to my regret.  Chuka Umunna chose to take up the cartoon version of his political opponents and use it as a kind of straw man. Leanne Wood did the same: “People throwing punches in Strasbourg today, is that not thuggish?” What about the woman in purple who accused Leanne Wood of  taking the “English stream” out of her local school, and the man who said  Plaid Cymru was a racist party and resented being called a thug. All good sport. I didn’t know Alun Cairns MP, but he bore his role as victim with good humour.  

Take the childish humour out of Andy Parsons and you’re left with a pub bore. Neil Hamilton’s spat with Leanne Wood and David Dimbleby’s multiple digs at UKIP seemed to amuse the audience more. 
If you’re going to watch just a little bit of it, please watch this bit, the Harry Enfield moment:

“At the very back, in pink, yes”
Woman in Pink:
“Yes. There is no future for UKIP because children are our future, and I don’t think they are going to be voting UKIP. Simple as. No future.”

Woman in Pink


  1. Is Terry looking at a matching battle van?

    Simple as. Or dizgoostin. One of the two.

  2. Good comment on Andy Parsons! :)

    Mayism is probably the best form of Conservatism going - populist, more like MacMillan era stuff. It will work might even work in reality if she is serious about implementing her policies.

    UKIP's capacity for self-inflicted wounds continues to be demonstrated. Reflects I think a lack of an ideology or a sociological basis to the party. Until recently Farage's strong personality has filled the vaccuum.

    1. You trust Theresa May and think she's competent? Difficult to trust a Home Secretary who demoralized and handcuffed the police and told you every time a Muslim murderer shouted the usual 'Islamic Benediction' when killing someone that it had nothing to do with Islam.


    Gavin Estler's piece on the BBC News website 7th Oct seems to be stoking the fires of anti-Brexit sentiment. See this sentence:

    ...The strong hints that curtailing immigration is a greater political priority than preserving access to the EU's single market sent sterling to a 31-year-low against the dollar...

    I find it hard to believe that anyone in Asia pondered such a question as the market plunged. Later reports suggest that the reason was a 'flash crash' exacerbated by the possible mis-keying of the latest over-efficient computer trading software - design to maximise profit from any movements in the market -up or down.

    This unrelenting bombardment of anti-Brexit propaganda coming from the BBC is destructive as it always only promotes the minority view. Theresa May has declared her intention to work with the democratic decision of the UK population in the EU Referendum. Why won't the BBC do the same?

  4. Before I moused over the link to the Woman Pink clip, I actually thought you were sarcastically linking to something from "The Twos". Even parody is beyond parody now.


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