Sunday 9 October 2016


According to The Mail on Sunday, Baroness (Tina) Stowell is tipped to replace Rona Fairhead as chair of the BBC's new unitary board (replacement for the BBC Trust). 

Her history is that she was an aide to John Major and William Hague. She then became Head of Communications for three Chairmen of the BBC: Gavyn Davies, Michael Grade, and Michael Lyons (from 2003-08), and then became Head of Corporate Affairs at the BBC (from 2008) before leaving the BBC to rejoin the Conservative Party becoming Leader of the House of Lords in 2014 and a full member of David Cameron's cabinet in 2015. Theresa May dropped her in July this year. She was an early Remain supporter in the EU referendum campaign.

Though her appointment (if it happens) would probably take some of the party political heat off the BBC over James Purnell, the appointment of such a pro-Remain Establishment figure will doubtless raise just as many eyebrows.

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  1. She will be held up as evidence that the BBC is not loaded with Labour/Leftoid figures. Stowell, Patten, Robinson, etc. But one must consider the center-Left politics of these so-called "conservative" figures.


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