Tuesday 4 October 2016


Nothing BBC bias-related here, but one for those who like British politics and love a good quiz....

Here's a wedding photo from 1964. Can you name the bridegroom, his best man (the chap with the glasses) and any of the other men in the photo [which can be clicked to enlarge, as usual]. 

Clue: Five are well-known (four still being alive), two nowhere near so well-known. 5/7 would be an excellent score. 

The answers can be found in the comments section below.


  1. Answers (from left to right): Peter Fullerton, Michael Howard, John Gummer (best man), Ken Clarke (bridegroom), Leon Brittan, Christopher Mason (who became a Liberal Democrat), and Norman Lamont.

  2. Oh dear 2 out of 7 - Ken Clark and Leon Brittan. Is it just they grew old or easily forgotten?

  3. That`s the first time I`ve ever seen the words "Gummer" and "Man" in the selfsame sentence!
    Lord Elderduck is quite possibly the low point of Tory rule...and he spawned a son as well-hope his sister didn`t get CJD as Gummer was attempting.
    Yes, Prescott was a tippy point...but Gummer? Yeo? Eek!

  4. I'm pleased to say I got 5 right. A miss-spent youth in the YCs.


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