Sunday 9 October 2016

Michael Crick on UKIP

Alan at Biased BBC....(in a piece headlined 'BBC Stalinists grind out the propaganda' - something which might well win Seumas Milne and the Corbynistas back to the BBC again!) the BBC a good right hook over this morning's Broadcasting House and its treatment of UKIP: 
This morning on R4’s Broadcasting House we heard another addition to the BBC’s long sneer (28 mins) at UKIP as it again tried to paint it as racist and an irrelevant rabble.  We were told we’d have a quick run down of UKIP background but you’d have little idea that this has been a highly successful party that has brought the Liberal Establishment to a heightened state of panic, not only as it disembowels Labour and scoops up its supporters with 4 million voters, but has also been the driving force behind one of the most momentous events in British political history…Brexit of course.  The BBC preferred to mock and ‘Trumpify’ it by suggesting it is packed with violent, sexist, probably racist, back-stabbing people who have no interest in ‘ideology’.  They dragged in Michael Crick to do a little hatchet job….apparently UKIP is the worst of the worst…no other political party has any of its problems or attitudes.  The presenter finished off of course with a suggestion that the ‘tone’ of UKIP was a bit nasty…..again based upon what? 
That final comment from the presenter (Paddy O'Connell) was an evidently pre-prepared closing question to UKIP donor Ko Barclay: 
You raised that you're an immigrant, and on the radio people don't know that unless you raise it, which you've kindly done, but it helps me in the final question: Does a little bit of you, who has funded UKIP, worry about a tone in British politics which has left some immigrants frightened? Does a little bit of you, who has given £600,000 to UKIP, worry?
Michael Crick (that old basher of the political Right) was audibly dripping with salaciousness over UKIP's goings-on. He said that UKIP people are forever bombarding him with "incredibly juicy" gossip about each other - sexual, political but rarely ideological - and that he's even thought of writing a book about UKIP called Beer, Blood and Semen

He did, however, also say:
It seems to me that the potential for UKIP right now is massive. Those millions of people who regard themselves as left out, who are badly paid (the people who Theresa May was talking about last week), the people in northern England who traditionally used to vote Labour, are worried about immigration and low-paid jobs and things like that...With Labour moving to the Left and having this air of being a metropolitan socialist party under Jeremy Corbyn and the other figures, many of whom in the shadow cabinet are London MPs, the potential for UKIP is massive right now. They could do to Labour in northern England what the SNP did to Labour in Scotland. But to do that does require a pretty well-organised party and a leader, and they don't seem to have a leader anything like as good as Farage. But even a leader half as good as Farage, who could hold the party together and march into the Labour heartlands, would be a very significant factor in British politics. 


  1. What a racist comment from Paddy: "You raised that you're an immigrant, and on the radio people don't know that unless you raise it"

    What's that supposed to mean? Why would his appearance indicate he was an immigrant? In fact, if you think about it, someone's voice is much more likely to be a good guide as to whether they are an immigrant.

  2. Just a brief comment on the BBC's Trumpomania...

    Since when have they started using the word "lewd"? lol

    Have they described the behaviour of Bill Clinton, or Hugh Grant or any number of rap stars, footballers and so on as "lewd"? No. Only Trumpy gets the full on Old Testament treatment of having his remarks described as "lewd". The others get let off with "inappropriate", "sexist" or "offensive".

    What next? Theresa May to be described as a common strumpet? Nigel Farage to be condemned for fornication and carnal desire?

  3. The BBC needs to tread carefully here. After all, they spent years saying UKIP existed due to a racist desire to remove foreigners, but now a majority of the country has voted for the existential reason for UKIP's existence.

    If Brexit actually starts to happen by the end of March, UKIP really wil be irrelevant. But if they're racist, so is not only everyone who voted to Leave, but so is Theresa May and every other politician, civil servant, public official, and journalist who goes along with it.

  4. This would be the same guy who ran flat out on the 'Tory election expense' scandal right up until Labour got dragged into it then went silent ? when cornered on his reluctance to have a go at the comrades he said "The problem is time and resources" [he work for 2 huge media giants?] and he "he would do more in the coming days" since then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. The BBC mostly deserves a good kicking, a serious dressing down and long time on the naughty step. But just ocassionally...

    Bouquet to Gabriel Gatehouse for an excellent thoughtful piece (on Newsnight) on the Trump followers in the USA. He had to top and tail it with some ritual abuse of Trump but otherwise it gave some insight into why so many people in the USA are backing someone so clearly lacking in so many qualities.

    It underscored, if it needed underscoring, just how very dangerous and destabilising is the phenomenon known as "globalism".


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