Saturday 15 October 2016

Recommended listening

Here's something that's well worth a listen. If you go to 24:53 you'll hear a good discussion about BBC bias between Jon Gaunt and Biased BBC's David Vance. 

BBC bias on migrants, Trump and Brexit are discussed, with special attention being given to Lily Allen's BBC-backed stunt in Calais. 

Listen out for Gaunty's anecdote about this week's This Week

He'd pitched a piece on media bias in the reporting of the US presidential election. The show's producer, however, didn't want that, merely some right-winger who'd simply go 'Ra! Ra! Ra! for Trump!' and then get prodded with a stick, like "a monkey". So no Gaunty after all; instead, "parody of parodies", they decided to go with Katie Hopkins, who duly 'Ra! Ra! Ra!-ed' for the Donald.

(I do like Jon's anecdotes about his encounters with the BBC. They give all sorts of little glimpses into the BBC's ways.) 

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