Saturday 22 October 2016

Same old same old

Today's Dateline was a hoot. (Owls everywhere went crazy in response.) 

If you were wanting to write a sophisticated parody of BBC left-liberal groupthink you'd struggle to hit the spot better than the real thing.

The panel ranged (politically-speaking) from left-of-centre to the centre-left. (The day when they can just wheel in five identical robots is surely coming.)

Thus: Brexit was well-and-truly bashed, Islamic State was pronounced to be supported by no true Muslims, and Donald Trump was denounced as "very, very evil".

And BBC presenter Gavin just went along with it all.

Plus ça change, as Michel Barnier would say.

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  1. A couple of years ago I might have bothered to comment...why bother now? We've been through the fire of the EU Referendum campaign - all is changed, utterly changed...And now we see how the BBC is just an extension of the global MSM when it comes to the US Presidential election - shilling for Hillary and never saying a good thing about Trump.


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