Saturday 15 October 2016

Auntie's Bloomers

Where there's a will there's a Bob Dylan impersonator

Samira Ahmed's Newswatch certainly has its moments.

This week it featured emails from BBC viewers mocking Will Gompertz's BBC One News at Six report on Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize for Literature.

While Will was wusy waxing wyrical about Dylan having "his own literary voice, his own sense of metre, rhyme, metaphor and meaning", black-and-white footage was being shown of Dylan performing Like at Rolling Stone. 

Having broadcast the end of Will's report, Samira asked, "Does he really as bad as that?"

And the answer was no. BBC One's News at Six had given us given us some 20 seconds of "a third-rate Dylan impersonator" by mistake!

The BBC obviously got itself all Tangled Up in Bloopers there. (Sorry).

Still, that was nowhere near as funny as this from the £3.7 billion-a-year-licence-fee-funded BBC...:

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