Sunday, 2 October 2016

"Hard Brexit"

If you recall, last week's The Andrew Marr Show saw its host wrongly characterising "hard Brexit" as "whether we try and get out very quickly and don't be part of the Single Market, have a complete block on immigration". Martine Croxall on one of last night's BBC News Channel paper reviews mischaracterised it in a related way (at 7:25), describing it as "shutting the borders and having no access". In this case, however, Toby Young was one of her guests and pointed out that no one's saying that we should 'shut the borders' and have 'no access' to the Single Market. 


  1. Apparently a hard brexit will result in the country being quarantined for fear that an epidemic of Brexonic Plague could spread worldwide. The only people able to have any sort of access to the EU will be the residents in the Derbyshire village of Eyam.