Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Newsnight causes "outrage"

The closing discussion on last night's Newsnight - which discussed Mrs May, the Tories and Brexit - drew the following pair of tweets from Tim Montgomerie:

The Daily Express has an article about it with the headline:

The Remain-backing panellists were Jenni Russell, Danny Finkelstein, Heidi Allen MP and Andrew Rawnsley.

The main interview of the programme, however, was with David Gauke MP, another Remain-backer, and Evan Davis spent quite a bit of time discussing Brexit with him too, asking him (anti-Brexit) questions like:
These are brave face word you're putting on. Can you think of another act that a government has taken that would make us permanently 4% poorer - a single action other than going to a world war?
 That doesn't sound very impartial to me either.


  1. Didn't see it as gave up on "GuardianNewsnight" long ago. But it is very troubling that we have a state broadcaster so clearly trying to reverse Brexit.

    Of course, Evan Davies trying to liken Brexit to a World War repeats some of the Project Fear statements from the referendum campaign, but comes across as over- -emotional hyperbole.

  2. Remainiac Davis let the mask slip in his interview with Gauke. He had a semi decent point (why was his fellow Remainiac, now Chancellor, Hammond still using the discredited Treasury forecasts?) but he laboured it so much and appeared to identify with the absurd 4% figure so much that he lost all credibility as an interviewer.

  3. "Permanently"? That's beyond credulity. There is no basis in fact for such a statement. Isn't a Newsnight interviewer supposed to robustly challenge his guests' views?

  4. On a, not unconnected, tack, another Remainiac, Laura Kuenssberg, just told Theresa May on the PM programme that the IMF is a 'highly respected body.' I'm afraid I missed most of the rest of the interview because I was driving & trying not to dissolve into hysterical laughter - not a good idea on the motorway!

    1. Currently led by Christine Lagarde soon to appear in court on corruption related charges in France. Previously led by Dominic Strauss-Khan!

  5. Oh its the BBC.
    Stop fussing-they only have a few floppy levers on their dummy dashboard of lights and colours.
    When you stop paying for the license fee -and give any Beeboid the Diane James treatment when you see them-then you`ll be worthy to join the REAL Rebellion.