Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Brexit Collection - a further update

Regular readers will probably be well aware of Radio 4's heavily biased Brexit Collection

(We first covered it here, and then followed up on it here). 

The Collection has lost some of its members (particularly the comedies) but, at the last time of looking, it had somewhere around 24 items (the same as now). 

The most striking thing about the Brexit Collection is that only two (A Point of Views from John Gray and Roger Scruton) were positive about Brexit/anti-EU. The rest were either neutral or (to varying degrees) negative about Brexit/pro-EU. 

In the 'biased against Brexit/pro-EU' camp were (1) Emma Jane Kirby's Brexit Street series for PM, (2) Gus O'Donnell's Brexit: The Leavocrats, (3) Gary Younge's East Europeans in Brexitland, (4) Front Row: The Cultural Response to Brexit, (5) The Briefing Room's Why Did People Vote Leave?, (6) Mary Beard's A Point of View, (7) The Food Programme's Brexit and Food, (8) Money Box's What could Brexit mean for your finances?, (9) The Bottom Line's Life after Brexit, (10) Law in Action's The Legal Minefield and (11) Allan Little's Europe's Choice. 

Strong cases can also be made for adding: (12) More or Less's The Referendum by Numbers, (13) You and Your's How is Brexit affecting you?, (14)  Onora O'Neill's A Point of View and (15) Peter Hennessey's A Point of View to that list of anti-Brexit/pro-EU-biased programmes. 

At the end of last Saturday's update, I wrote:

You probably won't be surprised to hear that this very edition of In Business now has been included in Radio 4's Brexit Collection, thus raising the total of programmes presenting a negative take on Brexit to 16 out of 24 parts of the Collection (the A Point of View link at the centre of the Collection merely duplicates the individual talks mentioned above) - as compared to 2 out of 24 parts of the Collection which take a positive view of Brexit. 

I don't think the bias could be much clearer, could it?

Incidentally, a much more systematic analysis of this biased BBC collection is being readied (though not by me I hasten to add). This will then be passed to interested parties and serious high-powered questions/complaints to the BBC are bound to follow. 


  1. The Coco the clown arguement is the "funiest" especially in these days post project fear.

    Proven Remain lies;

    1) Emergency budget - nope
    2) EU Army - hmmm yep.
    3) Stock market crash - nope
    4) Turkish membership - score draw the coop seems to have numbered that for a while.
    5) recession - nope.

    The list goes on and on.

    Lies on the leave side;

    1) As far as I can tell only the £350 million to the NHS. Which lets be fair was heavily discussed as being b0llocks before the vote. Although both sides seem to agree a figure of £180 millionish....

  2. Ps it's about time all leavers started calling them out whenever they try to use the "leave voters were lied to line" with "other than the £35 million, how?"