Monday 8 February 2016

A few observations to start the week

Have you taken up the MCB’s generous invitation to visit 80 Mosques? It was devised so that Muslims can explain their religion to us.
But why not offer open, spontaneous visits? Spot-checks if you like. Seriously, what’s the good of a pre-prepared presentation, or ‘pitch‘, like on Dragons Den.  
“Hello Dragons. My name is Abdel and I’m here today to show you why you need Islam. I want several million  con reverts and I’m offering nought percent of the business.”
 We don’t want to be given the run-around, do we? Not like Hans Blix and those procrastinating weapons inspections. Fobbed off. 
“No, you can’t come in today. It’s not convenient. Come back tomorrow when we’ve had a bit of a tidy up.” 
Undercover Mosque. Who could forget.


For some reason we’re not subjected to Mehdi Hasan on the BBC as often as we used to be. I haven’t seen him on QT or TBQs recently, have you? 
Maybe the BBC has noticed that he’s sub standard. Never mind, our loss is Al Jazeera’s gain. He has shows: “UPFRONT” and “Head to Head”. His interrogation technique is just up Al Jazeera’s street - childish, partial,  and unresponsive. 

Watch this “interview” with Israeli MK Tzipi Hotovely. Who does Mehdi think he is? Jeremy al-Paxman?
Funny thing is that that Marc Goldberg sees this differently. 
She (Tzipi Hotovely) has shot herself in the foot so many times that all he has to do is basically quote her statements back to her in order to make her and by extension Israel look like a bunch of land grabbing assholes”
Goodness me. I wouldn’t call ‘telling the truth’ “shooting yourself in the foot” - although it might seem that way if a) you don’t like the truth and/or  b) you’re not sure what the truth actually is. 


This blog lacks a women’s page. We’ll be giving more beauty tips in future. And, you know, celebrity gossip and fashion.  Migrant-camp chic and so on. And asking questions on your behalf, such as: some voices on the radio are confusingly gender-fluid, but does it actually matter?


Did anyone watch Simon Reeve on BBC 2 last night? I did, and it was interesting. 
But why oh why did he have to keep wearing that wretched keffiyeh? 

Anonymous (one of the many) has brought a fascinating Al Jazeera related issue to our attention, see below. 
One thing you can say for Al Jazeera, you do sometimes get a thorough discussion on that channel. They often broadcast extensive statements and arguments by Israeli speakers even though they are usually outnumbered by pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel speakers.

This is a fascinating exposé by Israellycool 
Tommy Robinson, one of the organisers of Pegida UK, appeared on Al Jazeera this evening in a panel discussion. But this 3 minute clip includes the part Al Jazeera cut out. You’ll see why when you hear it. And all that follows a pretty pathetic trick the presenter tries to pull by switching the Koran for the Hebrew bible!
and Breitbart.  
WATCH: Al Jazeera ADMITS Editing Tommy Robinson Interview To EXCLUDE Criticism of Muhammed, Claims ‘Not Acceptable Broadcasting Standard’

The video is here - you can start at 14.00 or watch the whole thing on YouTube


  1. Excellent viewing: Tommy Robinson (not 100% fan but the guy is brave and clever) making a dob out of Dobbie on Al Jazeera whilst also exposing Mo and Qatari subversion techniques -

    It's a shame we don't see more of Mehdi Hassan as that gives an opportunity to remind everyone he thinks non-Muslims are like beasts in the field (cows), that Mo flew to Jersualem on a horse and that he (MH) wrote a grovelling "give me a job" letter to the Daily Mail, a paper he had frequently lambasted in the past.

    If credibility was a physical quantity he would be seen to have as much as a squashed pea.

    1. Yes indeed, that’s fascinating. I’ll link to it on Breitbart and Israellycool

  2. Listened to The World Tonight on Radio 4. One of the items focussed on Beyonce's performance at the SuperBowl. Apparently the Black Panthers were a "militant" organisation. Hmmm...they were also: a sexist organisation (some of its leading advocates boasted about the rapes they committed and female members of the movement were not allowed leadership role); a violent and anti-democratic organisation; and a racist, anti-semitic/anti-white organisation.

    What is wrong with the BBC that it can't tell the truth? Mind you, is there ANY media agency in the UK that would tell the truth about the Black Panthers today?

    V. sad. Incidentally I have a lot of sympathy with African Americans who endured a terrible record of persecution, genocide and discrimination.

    But I would no more whitewash the Black Panthers than I would the Stern Gang, the PLO or IS.

  3. Hasan is pathetic isn`t he?
    The wondeful Tzipi(what is about women with that name?)makes mincemeat of him ,and only a foold would say that she "shot herself in the foot".
    telling the truth to rentacliche taqiyya merchants might not educate the AlJaz cretin...but she can sleep well knowing that she did her best to inform him better.
    And-allied with Tommy Robinsons brilliant take down of AlJaz, they`ve been rumbled as a pathetic snivelling dry cleaning service for the worlds nastiest ideology in the emptiest and most God forsaken sandpit of vipers.
    The lady did grand-and poor old Mark Regev will be glad of the break from trying to speak truth to liberal concrete bonkers like Hasan or Snowjob.


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