Saturday 13 February 2016

Well, at least there's something they agree on!

Today's rather enjoyable Dateline London may again have lacked a right-wing guest (surprise, surprise!) but the assembled (sharply left-biased) panel didn't in any way let that put them off having a right old ding-dong scrap over Syria, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, and the UK/EU question (and Jeremy Corbyn). 

The panel consisted of Abdel Bari Atwan, Rachel Shabi, Greg Katz and David Aaronovitch.

David Aaronovitch channelled his inner Statler and Waldorf throughout to heckle Rachel Shabi, Rachel Shabi's hands flew about in all directions, and Bari's voice became ever shriller as his eyes began swelling out of their sockets. 

I'd go so far as to predict that Rachel Shabi and David Aaronovitch won't be tweeting 'Happy Birthday!' messages to each other any time soon. Or ever. 

Still at least they agreed on the UK and the EU. They want us to remain in the EU.

(And it comes to something when far-left Guardianista Ms Shabi starts praising David Cameron for the way he's handling the EU question!)

This last point, of course, hopefully makes it clear that Dateline (yet again) avoided inviting anyone sympathetic to 'Leave' onto its panel. 

This is becoming more serious. We're getting discussion about the EU/UK most weeks now, so Dateline ought to be trying to balance this out much more conscientiously now.


  1. Atwan, Shabi, Katz and Aaronovitch.

    This was on the British Broadcasting Corporation?

  2. I'm missing the smoking volcano that is Nabila Ramdani on our screens, that container of suppressed rage and disdain...but on the other hand that means that we haven't had a major terrorist incident ( I mean one of those many incidents which has nothing to do with Islam) in Europe in recent weeks, so maybe I shouldn't wish for her return.


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