Saturday 6 February 2016

Paws for thought

Thursday night on BBC Two saw Chris 'Kill the Pandas' Packham and Liz 'Probably Less Keen on Killing the Pandas' Bonnin stage a 'scientific' study, BBC style, pitting cats against dogs: Cats v Dogs: Which is Best? 

This, of course, falls squarely in the tradition of Galileo, Boyle, Faraday and Ball (Johnny). 

As might have been expected, the mutts were fully up for it and the pusses could either take it or leave it. ('Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!' v 'Yeah, whatever, now feed me!')

The first of its two episodes [spoilers!] resulted in a 2:1 win for our feline friends. 

Now, call me Nostradamus but I'm guessing, knowing the BBC, that Episode 2 will subsequently produce at 2:1 win for our canine friends, thus producing a thoroughly 'impartial' overall draw. 

Time will tell!

If so, that's BBC 'impartiality' for you! (Look deep, and see that it's all carefully staged!!)

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  1. Pleb pacification campaign continues!


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