Sunday 21 February 2016

Snapshot II

The last post ended with me writing, regarding the alleged 'uncertainty' a Brexit would lead to: 
I had to smile at Ben Thompson [BBC Breakfast host] saying "We talk a lot about that uncertainty, the influence it has on business". 
You can say that again, Ben!
Well here's another exchange from this morning's BBC Breakfast between Naga Munchetty and Professor Jon Tonge of Liverpool University:
Naga: We focus a lot on the divisions within parties. But we should also look at the alliances across parties, and there are some reeeaaally unlikely bed fellows: George Galloway and Nigel Farage!
Jon Tonge: Yeah, the ultimate unholy alliance in some ways. 
I had to smile at Naga Munchetty saying "We focus a lot on the divisions within parties".

You can say that again, Naga!

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  1. "Unholy Alliance"? Since when did the godless atheists get the right to tell me who`s a Christian and who is not?
    What`s a holy alliance and what isn`t?
    About time the godless kept off our vocabulary books, and stayed on their won restricted codes of "appropriate" and "cahllenging".
    I particularly get angry at the far lefty loons using the word "demonise"...they`re satanic by defintion, so when it comes to spiritual judgements-again, keep off our language.
    Why so?...because I`d hope to scare THEM into choosing their words at every turn for fear of offending Judeo-Christians like me...and they need a fair few spoons of the medicine they`ve foisted on sappy church types for too long.
    Not in my nature-but these people need to stop "cultural appropriations" of words and culture they hate and misuse in turn.


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