Saturday 20 February 2016

For the sake of completeness

The next couple of items on today's From Our Own Correspondent were 'very BBC' too.

First was a piece from Fergal Keane about a Bosnian town where Serbs massacred Muslims during the Balkans War. 

It was pure Fergal Keane - emotive, somewhat finger-wagging. 

I know it's cynical of me but the phrase 'award winning' and its cousin 'award-seeking' just keep coming to mind whenever I think of Fergal Keane reports like this. 

Then came an American journalist talking about gun control. 

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the issue, what's pretty much guaranteed on From Our Own Correspondent is that this journalist would most definitely not be anti-gun control. That would never happen. Here the speaker was in favour of gun control and, of course, blamed money, the NRA and the Republicans for it not being enacted. 

The other two pieces were 'and finally'-type affairs. One about a boat on Lake Malawi, the other about a BBC reporter who lives in France and had a favour done for him by a left-wing mayor/deputy he likes - or something like that.

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  1. Items you will never hear on "From Our Own Correspondent" Part 1:

    - A tale from a BBC correspondent about how they went up country along a rocky road to a village in the foothills of [fill in the name of the Exotic Country concerned] to meet a tribe that the modern age had bypassed...and found the food was horrible, the tribe's cultural practices were objectional and their general demeanour was somewhat sinister when not imbecilic.


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