Saturday 13 February 2016

"Oddly partisan" for a Dimbleby?

From Guido Fawkes...

(Wonder if there's a recording of it?)

It was only last year that the BBC gave Jonathan Dimbleby a rare telling-off for committing "a serious breach of the Editorial Guidelines" after plugging his own charity on Today

Is another such telling-off on the cards?

P.S. As Sue reminds me, the Any Questions presenter doesn't seem particularly impressed by those (rare) BBC Trust rulings against the likes of him.

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  1. The media demigod syndrome is alive and well - people like the Dimblebys and Yentob must feel near immortal and immune to criticism. Who else in this day and age can expect their career to span 5 decades with the same organisation?

    Mind you, the syndrome seems to have infected Paul Staines as well in recent months.


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